The artist was invited to give a 45-min lecture at the Fall 2019 Symposium for Korean Academy of Anxiety Disorder in Seoul, South Korea. Prior to sharing personal narratives that center transgender mental health concerns, especially in light of limiting intra- and inter-family dynamics commonly found in Korean society, the artist announces that a guerilla performance will precede the formal part of his presentation.

In this 3-min performance, introduced in advance as a way of honoring his violent past experiences for their many lessons, the artist recites "Poem No. 2" from the series Crow's Eye View by Yi Sang (1910-1937). Widely considered the most prominent writer of the colonial era (1910-1945), Yi Sang is known for his eccentric and at times abstruse writing style as well as his interest in then-taboo practices. The poem, characterized by the tiresome repetition of "father" in both accusatory and affectionate voice, bemoans the narrator's anxiety about (failing to reproduce) the patriarchal—and, in extension, social—order.

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